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Professional robot trainer



this tutorial to learn machine learning using python

Summer Camp 2024

We are thrilled to announce launch the summer camp under name (Transformer ) at Kifayat Company where students will learn the basics of programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence for  3 weeks. 🚀🧠


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Registration for the Children’s Summer Club (Transportation Summer Camp) has begun. Seize the opportunity now for your children to gain an exciting and educational experience filled with practical and scientific...


Codeavour: AI & Coding Competition For Kids 5.0

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Closing Ceremony for the biggest AI and coding Competition for kids Codeavour: AI & Coding Competition For Kids 🚀🧠

This incredible event brought together 30 talented Saudi team aged 7 to 18 at King Fahad National Library in Jeddah. They showcased their innovative projects created with hands-on learning using PictoBlox, Aiming to make a positive impact on the world.
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Our Services

Consulting company

Working as a specialized intellectual consulting firm.


Management and Operation of Private Educational Institutions

Strategic Planning

Kifayat provides strategic planning services

Financial Support

Kifayat: Empowering Educational Finance

Kifayat Educational

Optimal Educational Investment.

A leading educational company invests in the establishment and operation of private and international schools, through building partnerships, working with unique administrative methods and educational models, and qualified cadres in stimulating environments.

Our Services

Hands-On Services

Robotics Program

A robotics and technology unit has been established at kifayat education by a team of highly educated professionals whose primary goal is to disseminate their exceptional expertise to promising young students through an engaging and stimulating environment.

Kifayat Platform for Professional Licensing

A specialized platform for preparing for Professional and educational exams for Example: professional licensure examinations for general and specialized educators, aptitude and achievement tests for students, and other examinations.

Examples of achievements we are proud of

Our achievement

Al Qalam Private Schools

The project aimed to establish Al-Qalam Private Schools for Girls in its distinctive and vital location Al Muroor includes all educational levels (primary - middle - secondary) on an area of: 9000 square meters

Wahat Jeddah Schools

The first educational complex for boys was established in the Al-Waha neighborhood for all educational levels (primary, middle, and secondary) on an area of 5,000 square meters, accommodating 36 classrooms, and a capacity of 900 students.

Al-Furqan Schools

The first private school for memorizing the Holy Quran affiliated with a charitable society for memorizing the Holy Quran. The first private school for memorizing the Holy Quran for boys in Taif Governorate. Awarded numerous shields, prizes, and certificates for several years in the field of education in Taif.

Joan International Schools

The project aims to invest in education with an international curriculum for girls in the city of Jeddah in a distinguished location in Al-Nahda neighborhood - next to King Abdulaziz Road. It includes the following stages: (early childhood primary school, on an area of 5,310 square meters, accommodating 20 classrooms, and a capacity of (450) female students.

Direct training and technical services

School Administration and Operations

Establishment and Foundation of Schools and Educational Complexes

Kifayat activities

The world of education relies on a strong foundation and a well-oiled machine to function effectively. this foundation is established through the establishment and foundation of Schools and educational complexes. here, the groundwork is laid, including securing funding, obtaining licenses, and constructing facilities that will foster learning.

Once the foundation is set, school administration and operations come into play. this critical area ensures the smooth day-to-᎑day running of the school. administrators oversee staff, manage budgets, create and implement curriculum, and ensure compliance with regulations. They are the architects of a safe and productive learning environment

Our Partners

Our distinguished partners who we are proud of collaborating with

What sets us Apart

Kifayat Educationa

The pursuit of perfection through dedicated diligence knows no fatigue.

Our consultants & experts

Our leadership competencies are highly experienced in their specializations, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of private education management, which adds high-level specialized value to the work that we provide to our clients.

Our programs and models

Our programs and models are constructed in a scientific and methodical manner, incorporating a wealth of expertise in developing advanced educational and administrative models for school operations. We aim to provide optimal educational, pedagogical, and financial solutions.

Our means, methods, and tools

Our means, methods, and tools are innovative, modern, and diverse, designed to consider the study of investment opportunities in the field of private education in a manner that aligns with the targeted environment and its requirements.

Our experience

Our experience has combined more than eight years of achievement and contribution in serving the private education sector, including providing development consultations to various educational institutions in the cities of the Kingdom, and building and operating a number of private schools.
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Feel Like You Are Attending Your Classes Physically!
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